Did Obama Really Say He Wants America to look like Detroit?

Posted: 09/06/2011 in Education, Family, Government, Military
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Before reading what President Obama said on Labor Day, please watch these brief videos…



The president is bringing the lofty rhetoric that defined his first campaign to the White House, as he prepares to face reelection 14 months from now. Here’s the most stirring paragraph from his Detroit speech:

“That’s why we chose Detroit as one of the cities that we’re helping revitalize in our “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” initiative. We’re teaming up with everybody — mayors, local officials, you name it — boosting economic development, rebuilding your communities the best way, which is a way that involves you.  Because despite all that’s changed here, and all the work that lies ahead, this is still a city where men clocked into factories. This is the city that built the greatest middle class the world has ever known. This is the city where women rolled up their sleeves and helped build an arsenal for democracy to free the world. This is a city where the great American industry has come back to life and the industries of tomorrow are taking root. This is a city where people, brave and bold, courageous and clever, are dreaming up ways to prove the skeptics wrong and write the next proud chapter in our history.” 

Pro or Anti American?

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/if-you-missed-obamas-speech-yesterday-just-read-this-one-paragraph-2011-9?utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Business%20Insider%20Select&utm_campaign=BI_Select_090611#ixzz1XE7XlHdT

Should anyone now doubt Obama’s desperation for re-election? Of course, the reason he selected Detroit for this speech is tourism stopped coming this way years ago. It would be doubtful if we would be able to find more than a handful of non-Detroit citizens that would know what is happening there, today.  The city is down and out. It’s also on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s a city where government and labor unions chased away the private sector and took over from a-z. In its wake, the government has left bodies, lives, and property destroyed and irreparable.

Therefore, Mr. Obama, please use this city as your shining moment in history during your campaign. Let’s hear you explain how you intend to turn every city in America into another Detroit. Will you have the citizens of Detroit come to our cities to teach us how to destroy it or will we receive our own training – Pell grants, we pray!



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