Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover!

Posted: 09/16/2011 in Education, Family, Government, Military

One of the Worst Presidents!

Do you ever notice how anyone that voted for Jimmy Carter reacts, today? Without exception, we find everyone trying to apologize for any vote cast for one of the worst Presidents in American history.

Today, we are beginning to see the same reactions to President Obama. People are now linking Obama as a twin to Carter – that’s not a compliment, if you are unfamiliar with Carter.

Of course, the lesson to learn from all this is, “Hind-sight is always 20/20!” We must all thank God that we have to put up with people like Obama and Carter for no more than 20 years. America was still recovering from Carter’s Presidency when Obama took office and once again, America turned on its heels and leaped backwards.

The major difference is that Carter was white. Therefore, when complaints began surfacing about Carter, racism never became an issue. Unfortunately, with Obama the race card is always a cause – regardless. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the reality of today’s “politically correct religions” that have permeated American society.

What the media is turning their back on is the massive revolts from within the non-black communities. Yes, even these communities are beginning to understand that when their unemployment rates soar to 50%, Obama is not their friend. No, it doesn’t mean they have fallen out of love with him, but it is instead the harsh reality that all of us must eventually reach within any relationship – business or personal. God teaches us to despise the sin but love the sinner! So this, we must do. However, the media and Obama cannot understand this simple principle.

As with anyone that comes into our lives, we do look at the cover to make some instant decisions. However, until we open the book, read the story, and discover what is in the pages are we able to make wiser decisions. The media’s responsibility is to get into the pages and report their findings as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen with Carter or Obama. Their failure to uphold their profession and become nothing less than a gulag “State-Run-Media” has left America reeling and suffering at least in these two instances.

The mindset of most politicians inherently leans toward corruption. Therefore, it is difficult to blame Obama totally, for what is happening to America, today. Yes, we all now understand he is the inspiration and director of the band that is playing the sad music while America is turning into a banana republic. However, had the news media done their jobs, Obama would be presented for what he “really” is all about.

No person that hates America, personal freedom, independence, capitalism, the constitution, and greatness can possibly lead America. At the worst, we would have had a Hillary Presidency and it is doubtful if she would have been so excited about tearing down America.

The same media has no problem with any political candidate on “their” side of issues – always-liberal philosophies. Instead of representing the facts honestly and openly, the media protected John McCain – just as they did Obama. In the end, there are little or no differences in any of the three. The major difference being that Obama came to the office with a major fixation of tearing America apart and watching Her self-destruct.

Clinton and McCain would have probably listened to the masses and understand the need to change their ways when the tides came rolling in. With Obama, there isn’t any wish to listen to the people but rather to rule. It’s his way or the highway! His fixation is akin to Jimmy Carter’s mentality. It’s all about “them” never about “us.”

We always have to remember that God gives us all two ears and one mouth. That means we should listen twice as much as we talk. With Obama and Carter, that is another lesson unlearned.



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