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Politician or Scientist?

 “Equations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity.”

 Was Einstein only adept in science? Obviously, such a profound statement must resonate with any learned person – notwithstanding political party affiliation.

Like the scorched earth in Oklahoma and Texas, political rhetoric in America is now at its flash point status. Any spark may create massive damage. That’s why monitoring words used in public speech is “everyone’s” responsibility. Just as we wouldn’t enter a theater to yell, “Fire!” we must never do anything untoward in public speech to incite harm upon others.

One would think if we could learn anything from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. it would be to recognize that speech has consequences. One of his prime efforts was to enlighten people explaining we are more able to attract bees with honey than with vinegar. Hate speech is like vinegar and it burns. Tossing more kindling wood into a “tinder box” will not cut the risk of fire.

Today, the governors of Texas and Oklahoma are asking volunteers to bring water to help fight their fires. In contrast, we are now seeing Obama, Democrats, and the labor unions asking volunteers to bring gasoline to help put out their fires. Something is way wrong with that, right?

Should we be asking Obama, the Democrats, and the labor unions if they are pulling an instant replay from the Western Movies! Did we miss anything like offering a fair trial to the Tea Party? Who decided before the trial that America’s number one enemy is now the Tea Party? Where is the proof to back up the accusations? Did they find any Tea Party members holding public office? How is it possible to find anyone guilty of bad legislation within a non-elected group?

Logically, none of what Obama and labor unions are doing could ever make sense. However, that’s not the point. Instead, all Americans must understand these are not ignorant people. Do not believe this is a simple mistake. They are all (Obama, Democrats and Labor Unions) aware of their intentions to falsely blame the Tea Party for America’s problems. In order for Obama, Democrats, and labor unions to stay in power, they have to use “smoke and mirrors” to focus the blame upon others. Honesty would be committing suicide!

If we were Obama, we would know blaming Republicans for America’s problems is not going to work since they have been an accomplice and friend working with Obama – not against him. He also cannot select a single person like Bush or an unknown group like evangelicals since the American masses wouldn’t fall for them. Therefore, it was only through the process of elimination that Obama, Democrats, and labor unions had to focus upon the Tea Party as their scapegoat.

Obama is well-informed and knows that Whites are a minority in the Tea Party, but he doesn’t care. His hope is to secure votes from less educated, minorities, homosexuals, and labor union masses that have no choice in voting. Obama is betting these types will never learn anything about the Tea Party. He is betting on the facts that the masses will be too busy looking for employment, trying to stay alive, and focused upon caring for their families – not politics. Obama also knows he is able to depend upon the Media to put out the proper “sound-bites” and turn the spotlight of failure away from him and on to the Tea Party.

All-the-while, please remember that labor union members must continue to pay their dues – regardless of working or not. Without money from the labor unions, the Democrat Party is unable to exist. These two groups depend upon the others success or failure. With Obama’s decisions to destroy employment, move jobs overseas, and choke private sector growth, the labor unions are having more and more members refusing to pay their dues. Please do a simple math application to understand there are now around 30 million and if each of them owed the unions a dollar a month but didn’t pay it, wow! That’s a lot of do re me!

This all leaves Democrats, labor unions, and Obama with their backs against the wall. It is out of desperation they have chosen to target the Tea Party – not from fact. After Hoffa and Obama calls for union members to kill Tea Party members, they don’t know what to do next. They now depend upon the media to carry their water to give daily news stories showing how the Tea Party is killing American jobs. Good luck with that one!

Only when a Tea Party rally is in progress do we find “participants” — not members, gathered in public. Are Obama and Hoffa intending to kill them using “drive-by” shootings? Do they really believe this tactic will work? You see, the rest of the time, Tea Partiers are every day Americans doing what Americans normally do… work, worship, serve, play, and sleep.

It might be surprising to watch for the volatility between labor unions, Obama, and the Democrats from now until next November. While they don’t know who the Tea Party members are, they do know one another. What is happening within these three divisions of the Democrat Party is not good and it is bringing harm to all of them. As each day passes, we will begin to see more eruptions from within these three groups. Self-destruction is inevitable. Many now suggest that none of the three will survive after the next election. That means we will soon see political races between the Republican and another political group not yet identified. Einstein was absolutely correct because we are seeing the demise of the Democrat Party — a present day fad soon to go the way of the dinosaur.