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The Daddy of 'em All!

The Daddy of 'Em All!

Every year, the Cheyenne Rodeo, “The Daddy of ‘em all,” influences all the surrounding geographical areas. Just when we think no one can top last year’s performance, here comes a new crew of entrants that prove us wrong. It seems to get bigger and offers greater talent, more fun for all ages, and entertainment – year after year.

Not only is the Cheyenne Rodeo the world’s largest, but it is truly unique but also so is Cheyenne and Wyoming. For those that haven’t ever attended or visited Wyoming, 9 out of 10 people interviewed tell us it’s similar to a spiritual experience. It calms nerves, relaxes tense muscles, and it abounds with all sorts of eye candy.

The family roots of the people living in the area grow deep. It’s a place where people consider their every action BEFORE doing something stupid. It’s a place where emotions don’t run out of sync with reality even though members of the political correctness church are difficult to find. It’s a place where conservative values abound — whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent. The life blood of most people, businesses, and governments are solid Christian values. The Golden Rule is a daily commitment.

Many visitors tell us they enjoy coming to Wyoming because it’s so easy to taste and see God’s work. Admittedly, the winters are harsh but the summers are so nice! It’s so great to share the beauty of the area with others from around the world during Cheyenne Frontier Days. This year’s contestants and visitors came from just about every country around the world.

It was a pleasure to meet a couple that had made their first trip to the US from Switzerland. They were at awe by the size of the cowboys, animals, sparse population, and massive physical space. They had dreams of what it might be like, but the reality was much better and greater.

We learned much from them. They explained the European countries were falling apart over liberal theologies and feared it was happening to America. They had been closely monitoring news from America since the massive movement of American clients began to other countries. When speaking about the news they receive, they promptly explained they were aware the news Vs reality were two different things. That’s why they wanted to see America in person.

They were very intelligent professionals involved in Banking and dealt with people from all over the world, on a daily basis. They spoke several languages and had a finger on the pulse of the World environments and dangerous economic problems. They believe that America is falling apart because of three reasons: 1) American Churches are failing their responsibility to teach Biblical truths, 2) Americans are electing self-serving anti-American people to public office, and 3) Americans are accepting and validating the anti-American philosophies from those that want to see America fall and demand a Godless society.

How much time does your family spend at becoming conscious about what is happening around us? Does it take someone from another country to awaken us? Must we just sit on the sidelines and watch America fall? Something to think about, isn’t it?

Does anyone recall that years ago Amy Larson (Carl’s wife) won a city lot at a drawing held during Cheyenne Frontier Days? She let it go thinking it would never be worth anything. Would you like to have that lot, today?

Does anyone recall the good days when Dewey Larson was the Rodeo announcer? One of our first-class neighbors, Dick Stull, one of the best rodeo greats at announcing, will always be a fond memory.

Does anyone recall when Wes Herboldshiemer had to fly to Big Spring, Texas to pick up the rodeo Clown, Quail Dobbs?

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