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Really?Can anyone still recall a remarkable youthful Chicago politician that came into prominence by promising crowds all across Americans he would improve our lives through what he called, “Hope & Change?” This was not only a phrase that catapulted this young man into the Presidency of the United States, but it became addictive for the majority.

This young politician bravely asked Americans to envision a new America where politics wasn’t played out in secret and back rooms where shady deals would be hatched. He asked us to envision an America where legislation would be “transparent.” He told us about an America “open for business” so “all” could see and understand what is happening was his routine campaign promise.

Finally, he placed the icing on the cake by confirming his vision for America would make lobbyist a thing of the past. He proclaimed that Washington DC would no longer be a place where votes are cast based upon the highest bidders. All of these promises concluded we would live in a new America that would allow everyone to prosper and be successful – regardless.

With such promises coming from a top US Government official, is it any wonder why this youthful politician would NOT be the most popular and supported politician in the world, ever? Unfortunately, no one bothered to ask how he would carry out this before the inauguration party!

Immediately following his inauguration, did politics as usual continue? Early in his new career as the President of the United States, his campaign rhetoric seemed to wane, fade, and then displaced with a new mantra, “We must redistribute America’s wealth, create green jobs, and pay back my buddies on Wall Street.”

Who would have ever believed anyone could or would be as arrogant and egotistical as to stand before the American people during their campaign mode knowingly deceiving everyone with “empty” promises and devoid of any intent to fulfill them? Did this young man turn the prestigious office of the President of the United States into the “Liar in Chief?”

With no background checks, reporting from the press, or validation of his credentials by the media or the Democrat Party, it is only now that we are learning the hard way that he is nothing more than a servant of the worldwide church of socialism. The members of this congregation do not rely upon fact and truth, but prefers fantasy and theories. Their members are a listing of “Who’s Who” in academia, finance, dictators, religious organizations, labor unions, the movie industries, and global business communities.

Similar to Hollywood, the church of socialism constantly searches for star quality personalities to lead their members to the promise land – control of the world. When the socialist church discovered Barack Obama, they found someone with many talents and someone torn between his religious family roots as a Muslim and friends involved in Black-Liberation Theology. Obviously, the socialist church became a place of comfort and nurture for this aspiring political leader from the early start of his Chicago union career.

After becoming an active member of the church, their members would begin the process of grooming and producing their “Messiah.” The fundamental doctrine of the socialist church is to confuse, corrupt, and change the way masses think and feel about 1) Christianity, 2) Capitalism, 3) personal rights and freedom, and 4) Government.

Within socialism or communism, any of these items deeply threaten their religion. Even though these systems are mere theories, their members falsely believe that if they could eradicate these details from the world civilizations, their nirvana is achievable.

Within Capitalism, anyone – regardless of status in life, can rise to the top. Such actions destroy the theories of communism and socialism. Anyone attempting to rise up in socialism or communism is normally murdered – not rewarded. When communists, socialists, dictators, and other similar religions take over any country, what is their first act? Consider such actions as recent as Egypt. Many Americans couldn’t understand why President Obama would support the regimes in Libya without gaining Congressional approval. Obviously, he must follow church dogma or suffer the consequences.

Today, it’s three years later and most Americans are only now understanding what has happened. In order for any of President Obama’s fellow church members to meet their goals, his first mandate was to destroy Capitalism. Their next enemies are personal freedoms and Christianity. As he has done with Capitalism, efforts to defuse, ridicule, and demean is exerted at every opportunity.

Today, it is common to see children, women, and men wearing their favorite NFL team’s uniforms that are sold through local vendors for $X. That allows us to learn that when we see a family walking down the street all wearing NFL jersey’s we don’t assume they are members of the football team, but a supporter. Even then, a grandparent may prefer the team and gave them as a present but they truly support another one. The point is that we must never judge a book by its cover!

Even though I am an elderly person wearing a Cowboy’s jersey, it would be impossible for anyone to think I am a Dallas Cowboy football player. Yes, anyone can wear the jersey but only a handful of people can actually be one. The same is true about Christianity. Some people “say” they are Christians, but “few” are.

So, how do we know when someone is a Christian? Unlike religion, Christianity is based upon the principal of “love.” Therefore, if we hear or witness anyone touting anything antithetical to love, then we are within our right to question and doubt their authenticity of being a Christian.

You see, no Christian could “intentionally” allow millions of Americans to go hungry, lose their homes, and be without jobs. No Christian would call for the destruction of America. No Christian could ever support Muslim countries eradicating Christians. No Christian would ever support the use of “selective” law enforcement. No Christian would support the ACLU. Having said this, we must understand that anyone may “say” they are “anything” – but saying it doesn’t make it true. Just like when the President beat the drum for “shovel ready jobs,” we now must realize he doesn’t mean what he says.

Finally, we must all understand the church of socialism’s primary creed, “The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.” Suffice to say, any group or power that is anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Capitalism is their friend and they will support them. The church of socialism has wealth beyond our imaginations. They are always willing to spend Millions to gain 10 cents in benefit. They are ruthless, destructive, relentless, and will never give up their goal to control the world.

Finally, America is now getting a glimpse at “hope and change.” There are new leaders rising from within America to replace Obama and fulfill Obama’s promise of “hope and change.” In addition, we are now seeing the American capitalistic system find ways to prosper despite President Obama’s objections and desires to neuter business. All of these actions are allowing Americans to take a firsthand inspection of the vast contrast between socialism and capitalism.

President Obama has provided an invaluable insight and lesson into what socialism means for millions of Americans. The massive jobless numbers, home repossession, starvation, class warfare, crony capitalism, and bankruptcies is not anything a capitalist or Christian would want. We must then pray that America will never again see another President like Obama that believes another’s life is mere fodder for their devious pleasures!

Do these two simple words mean anything ‘special’… laus deo? The meanings of these two simple words are important to all Americans to serve as a compass of understanding and hope. These fundamental Christian tenet words sit high atop the Washington Monument in Washington DC.

Praise be to God or simply praise God may accurately reflect the meanings of these simple words in English. Why would anyone want to place these words on the Washington Monument? Could it be a way to remind legislators of a greater power than their own… before falsely elevating themselves to the status of Deity when they write legislation?

You see, few Americans still understand that our forefathers explained those that fill legislative seats are “servants” of the people. That means we the people are the rulers that give instructions to the elected servants that in turn pass legislation that favors the most desires.

Just as importantly, America’s forefathers cautioned about those that would run for public office that would be anti-American, anti-Constitutionalists, and would fight to destroy Her. Consequently, winning an election does not a “GOOD” American make!

Anti-Americans come in all shapes, colors, and fashions. They may look like good Americans and speak like Angels, but only after monitoring their deeds will we know with certainty their reality. Failing to watch any elected officials “deeds and actions” give rise to the Hitler’s, Stalin’s, and Castro’s of the world.

America had better learn this fact or else! When anyone questions decisions made by Herman Cain, Jesse Jackson, President Obama, or the US Attorney General, racism must never be a consideration. No government can allow public officials to hide behind their race, sex, politic, religion, or anything else and not face their true selves. If allowed, public officials will surely run amuck and citizens become the losers. If any person uses the race card in lieu of explanation, then aren’t they suggesting that being Black allows stupidity and no accountability? How does that resonate within any community?

Therefore, if the President of the United States bails out Wall Street against the people’s wishes, it doesn’t matter if that President is Black, Green, White, Red, or whatever. Perhaps some feel comfortable pushing the race card in politics, but when it gets to actions, that action must stand on its own feet and withstand constructive criticisms!

When we are now learning American taxpayers will lose ½ of a Billion Dollars in the ‘green energy’ scandals, do we excuse such actions because the man behind them is not a White man? Such logic is beyond the pale, isn’t it? If not, then allowing people of colour to rob banks without dispensing justice is permissible, right.

Now, America is at a crossroads about race Vs accountability. How well we handle this issue is going to direct the future of America for many hundreds of years to come.

Consider the facts of the case exposed, to date. Recently, Congress began an investigation into US gun smuggling efforts into Mexico. These hearings exposed the following details:

  • At least 200 murders resulted from the Justice Department’s approval of this operation.
  • A US Border Patrol Agent murdered because of the Justice Department’s approval of this operation.
  • Around 2500 weapons smuggled from the US into Mexico because of approvals from the Justice Department
  • All of these guns were “given” to a Mexican Cartel approved by the Justice Department.
  • US tax payer money paid for the entire ordeal as approved by the Justice Department and its agencies.

Now, the most shocking point of this entire article is the response offered by the President of the United States when question by the news media about the Justice Departments involvement in the “Fast & Furious” scandal: “I have complete confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder.”

For the rest of us, such details would not lead anyone to manage confidence in anyone, would it? If this were truly a “confidence builder” action for President Obama, then wouldn’t it be fair to ask, “Will America allow the race card to trump justice? Will America allow this case to be ‘white-washed’ because it’s permissible for Blacks to act without consequence or responsibility?” Now what will Mr. Obama say to the family of the killed Border Patrol Agent? Does Mr. Obama apologize to Mexico for the Justice Department’s actions or has his “apology tour” ceased?”

Shouldn’t the next Obama press conference be held at the Washington monument?

Sunday News Update:

Traitor or Patriot?

For more years than I have lived, Capitalists are renowned for being the “Silent Majority.” While others are enjoying vacations, holidays, and time off, Capitalist are busily going about their never-ending 18-hour daily cycles of planting seeds and harvesting.

Capitalists rarely attend protest rallies, marches, or events that need time away from their business. Time is always money to a Capitalist. They don’t waste either!

Today, we watched a supposed Capitalist confirm he is now a devout Socialist. Many that know Warren Buffett say the transition started several years ago in trying to squash competition. Since Buffett can afford to hire all the Attorneys in the world to avoid tax payments, he used taxes in a way that hinders – if not end, competition. Unlike Buffett, competitors couldn’t afford to hire the sort of tax protection needed to compete with him.

Greed is a funny animal, isn’t it? One would think that since Buffett has as much money as God, he would be satisfied… but he’s not. The awful thing to see is not just Buffett’s selling out of his Capitalistic conservative values, but giving up his entire soul for a bowl of pottage!

Thus, America has watched a man with courage and determination ride from the shadows of Omaha Nebraska to the bright lights of Washington DC as a hero and major success story. Now he leaves the lights of Washington DC to return to shadows of Omaha as a disgraced and despised multi-bazillionaire!

Now, the world will remember Buffett as a liar, cheat, and coward. He lies about his secretary paying more taxes than he does since he uses an apple and orange tax payment comparison. Many are reporting Buffett owes the IRS more than a billion dollars. However, in a plea bargain “raise taxes” deal with Obama, the IRS will in turn offer favors of some sort. Finally, he exposes his true yellow color by caving in to the Federal Government demands instead of fighting for what is right. If he doesn’t owe the taxes, as he claims, then he should fight for what is just.

Instead, we now see an old warrior that entered the battlefield of life bravely but leaves to live in obscurity as a shamed and fallen anti-American activist. While disappointed, we say, “Good bye” but we no longer wish you well on your new journey as an anti-American. Instead, we pray that the pain and suffering you choose to inflict upon other Americans comes back to haunt you and your families tenfold. Proudly placing one’s name on anything that will take food away from the hungry, clothes away from the naked, and shelter away from the homeless is one evil person… and all for a bowl of pottage!

Please join our families in refusing to buy anything from the following Buffett owned companies…


Acme Brick Company

International Dairy Queen, Inc.
Applied Underwriters Iscar Metalworking Companies
Ben Bridge Jeweler Johns Manville
Benjamin Moore & Co. Jordan’s Furniture
Berkshire Hathaway Group Justin Brands
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies Larson-Juhl
BoatU.S. Lubrizol Corporation
Borsheims Fine Jewelry Marmon Holdings, Inc.
Buffalo NEWS, Buffalo NY McLane Company
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. Medical Protective
Business Wire MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Central States Indemnity Company MiTek Inc.
Clayton Homes National Indemnity Company
CORT Business Services Nebraska Furniture Mart
CTB Inc. NetJets®
Fechheimer Brothers Company The Pampered Chef®
FlightSafety Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc.
Forest River RC Willey Home Furnishings
Fruit of the Loom® Richline Group
Garan Incorporated Scott Fetzer Companies
Gateway Underwriters Agency See’s Candies
GEICO Auto Insurance Shaw Industries
General Re Star Furniture
Helzberg Diamonds TTI, Inc.
H.H. Brown Shoe Group United States Liability Insurance Group
HomeServices of America, a subsidiary of
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
XTRA Corporation

Disclaimer:  Assisting our subscribers by disseminating their articles is worthy of our efforts. We believe it take a lot of courage to crawl off the couch and do something. However, we want our subscribers to understand that we do not necessarily approve or verify content. It is up to the reader to accept or refute our subscriber’s comments. We only demand the information is suitable for family viewing. With that said, we pray you enjoy the following information from a subscriber.

Our message is not about a pending natural disaster, but it is worth noting that America is approaching another potentially devastating weather cycle. Having our loved ones damaged is not an acceptable excuse for not being ready for emergencies. Therefore, we pray everyone will take a moment to become ready for potential natural disasters that may pounce upon us with short notice.

This government website may help in knowing what to do for when a natural disaster hits your area:

Yes, natural disasters are alarming and must never lessen their seriousness. However, Americans must come to the consciousness we have another national disaster looming over our heads that could hit at any minute!

Few want to speak about it or explain the details for fear of reprisal. Nonetheless, our family is willing to put our credibility on the line to expose as much as possible.

Unlike natural disasters that may give signs and warnings, this disaster is approaching our Nation without warning – for some. This disaster is similar to a “landmine.” Everything appears normal until we take a step and all hell breaks loose!

Here is the situation:

  1. President Obama and Congress tell Americans the crisis will be over as soon as they return from vacation.
  2. Unfortunately, members of Congress (Republican and Democrat) contacted say as far as they know there is no such legitimate plan in existence. Who is lying to us?
  3. Instead, we believe President Obama and the Democrat Legislators will reintroducing the same old “tax” and “spend” routines that have us bankrupt.
  4. The “new” part of the Democrat and Obama’s plan is to ask Congress to pass more legislation that will call for increased government spending:
    • Extending Unemployment benefits,
    • Downgrading the threshold for more Americans to qualify for Medicaid,
    • Downgrading the threshold for more Americans to qualify for WIC,
    • Downgrading the threshold for more Americans to qualify for Food Stamps,
    • Increasing the taxes on fossil fuel energies,
    • Stop law enforcement of illegal aliens and divert those funds to the general revenue fund and register them as Democrat voters,
    • Introduce a new tax on “travel” based upon miles we “each American” travels by installing monitors on every resident (you must link to this or you will never believe it),
    • Introduce more benefits for American workers – especially union workers, that will cost employers billions,
    • Initiate another 1.3 trillion dollar stimulus bill,
    • Open all public school cafeterias to the public to feed Americans at a lower cost,
    • Open up sales of drilling lease permits owned by the Federal Government, but enforce Obama’s moratorium on drillingin place, and
    • Increase tax rates for personal and business taxes.

Now, no one has a magic wand. We feel certain you probably suspicion many other mandates mentioned in Obama’s speech. However, we will now affirm our research confirms there will be NOTHING in his speech that “fixes” America.

We believe the Democrats, Obama, and the Big Media will promote Obama’s speech as being similar to a Football Super Bowl event. Then when America finds there is nothing to fix America but more problems, the disaster we speak of will begin to form.

Both political parties have played their “create problems” then “vote for me to solve the problems” games until most Americans are sick of them. Consequently, both parties are looking at the brash reality of their demise in the months leading toward the election cycle in 2012.

To complicate this political crisis, while on vacation an ATF official has opted to spill their guts to the Congressional committee investigating Obama and Holder in the “Fast & Furious Gun Running Scheme.” This news will overwhelm Americans so Obama has to create as much confusion and uproar as possible to distract attentions to this latest revelation from ATF.

In brief, the debacle originated by Obama and Holder in hopes of destroying retail gun sales in America. However, recent reports suggest the new death toll by these guns are 60 Americans and over 900 Mexicans. This Administration’s attempt to “back-door” gun control may not upset many Americans, but few will support murder – if this information sees the light of day.

Therefore, we must pray that the Mexican government will not let up on their demand to prosecute those guilty of these atrocities. In addition, southern State Governors are demanding Congress expose the facts, as well.

Obama funded “green energy” friends have taken billions of taxpayer dollars and closed their doors. Some have even moved to China. Congress has announced they will open investigations on this issue after vacation, also.

Now you will understand that Obama must fight for his freedom and re-election and he is not going to go away silently. This will be a critical time for America to see if our legal system will be blind and guarantee punishment of criminals and murderers – regardless of wealth. Obama’s hope is that Holder protects him. However, Congress is already demanding Holder’s resignation – privately. Who wins is anyone’s guess.

We all should know that desperate people do desperate things. Our political parties will be no exception to this rule. Will politicians do the right thing for America? Obviously, they haven’t yet, so why do we falsely imagine they will now?

The unknown details in pinpointing the date when all hell breaks loose will be the time lag between President Obama’s formal “announcements” – probably the first part of September, until the reality sinks in to the minds of the masses. That timeframe will be the total amount each of us has to prepare for the disasters that follow.

In preparation for this disaster, we have successfully recorded the following message from one of Obama’s leaders planning support rallies across America. Please click here to listen and learn. You may also want to follow their activities on their website by clicking here. These people are professional “Community Organizers” so do not underestimate their power in your neighborhoods.

There are a few things to understand about this pending disaster:

  1. People without homes, jobs, cars, food, or hope for a better future have nothing to lose!
  2. We must stay calm, peaceful, but not ashamed to enforce respect of property when others attempt to remove us, harm us, destroy, or intimidate us, as well as neighbors.
  3. The first attacked will be where the resistance is the least.
  4. Police will become impotent due to the vast numbers of protesters.
  5. Democrats and Republicans have a stake in seeing the US Constitution set aside in favor of martial law if the devastation gets out of control – similar to New Orléans when the storm hit.
  6. George Soros, labor unions, Communists, Socialists, and the like, stand to make bazillions of dollars so they are more than willing to promote and fund this disaster.

A few speculate this will be President Obama’s last chance to create a situation that will guarantee avoiding prosecution. Could this become a dedicated effort to force America to its knees by issuing martial law? If any political party, were able to abolish the US Constitution or at the least set it aside, then they could install systems and laws that would leave America with a permanent political party.

Our solution is to recommend preparedness. If you don’t know what to do, please Click Here for support help.

In closing, we choose to post this information to save not only your life but also the lives of those you love! Please let us know at what, if any, difference this information makes in your life. Thanks and God speed!