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The World's Bread Basket

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The Plains Families are about supporting the American dream of working hard, caring about others, doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, living a Godly life, and building families and our nation in such a way as to enrich the lives of all families!

We came to America in love with what it had to offer our families. Our homelands lost their vision and replaced freedom with hate, oppression, denying personal freedom, denying the right to worship, and installing government controls that became unbearable. While America was unfamiliar, we knew that we could make America great by knowing “what not to do” as the countries we left had done to their citizens.

Generations of our families have now successfully passed down the new American attitude of a “can-do” spirit. We worked hard, prayed hard, cried often, and supported an America that grew in stature and became the “only” beacon of hope for the rest of the world!

All Plains citizens know first-hand what it is like to endure natural disasters, droughts, wars, plagues, harsh weather, disease, and other disasters. However, we now believe the greatest threat to American civilization has become our own Government putting out the lamp of freedom and igniting the flames of oppression and big government. When any government rules its citizenry, then they extinguish freedom, personal responsibility, and the pursuit of happiness.

Congress has played their game of “creating” problems and then asking us to vote them back into office to “fix” the problems they created until the Plains Families are sick to our stomachs! The days of voting for a politician based upon looks, smiles, and handshakes have ended. We must find candidates with spines, solidly pro-American, unashamed of personal freedom, understands the flaws of big government, and will support and defend the US Constitution.

Until we are able to separate the good guys from bad, our first action is to focus upon, “Vote them ‘all’ out of office (Republican, Democrat, and Independent) until we have people in office able to understand the differences between assets and liabilities — black ink and red ink!”

Until every American is once again able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, Americans must never lessen our demands for a strong country that will once again lead the world!

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